Crafted With Gratitude

When my husband returned home from a 7-month tour of duty overseas, we were newlyweds and new home owners and had so much to be grateful for. Unable to contain my happiness, I embarked on a small Facebook experiment, documenting 12 little things a day that I loved; listening to classical music in the park, city gardens found in the unlikeliest of places, acts of selflessness where least expected... to name a few. Though some friends complained bitterly about my free-flowing displays of happiness, most took joy in reading the day's 12 little things; it helped them develop their own sense of gratitude as well.

Two years later, while pregnant with my first son and on bed rest, my love of the soothing craft of knitting flourished. Having a child to knit for set the stage for motivation and enjoyment.

Fast forward to today and the importance of knitting and gratitude have become intertwined. As a cancer survivor, I am grateful every day that I wake up healthy and whole, and knitting has now become an incredibly powerful source of healing and relaxation for me. I am so happy that I can now take this skill and use it not only to heal, but also as a means of supporting my beautiful family.

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